‘Mental’ Disorder

To the early civilizations, ‘mental illnesses’ were the domain of supernatural forces and demonic possession.

Hippocrates and diagnosticians of the 19th century favored the humours. Lunar influence and sorcery and witchcraft are timeless culprits.

ReChanneling Inc

ReChanneling Inc. is a nonprofit public benefit corporation dedicated to the alleviation of mental complications that interfere with a person’s emotional well-being.  Our programs target Social Anxiety Disorder, depression, other anxiety disorders, and issues of motivation and self-esteem.


Social Anxiety Disorder

Social anxiety disorder (SAD) is one of the most common psycho-physiological malfunctions, affecting the emotional and mental well-being of over 15 million U.S. adults who find themselves caught up in a densely interconnected network of fear and avoidance of social situations.


One-Size-Fits-All Recovery Programs

Personal recovery is an individual process. Just as there is no one right way to do or experience recovery, so also what helps us at one time in our life may not help us at another. One-size-fits-all approaches are inadequate to address the dynamic complexity of the individual personality. Recovery programs must be fluid, integrating multiple traditional and non-traditional approaches developed through client trust, cultural assimilation, and therapeutic innovation. 

Restructuring Our Neural Network

Neural restructuring is the deliberate scientific modification of our brain’s neural pathways Science confirms these neural pathways are  continually realigning and relearning.

We have been feeding our brain irrational      thoughts and concepts since the onset of our psychophysiological malfunction (neurosis). What is irrational? Anything detrimental to our emotional wellbeing and quality of life. Simply put, it is irrational to hurt ourselves.  




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Video: DeConstructing ReChanneling


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Robert F. Mullen holds seminars and practicums on ReChanneling, Strategizing Your Psychological Disfunction, and Memory Retrieval and Emotional Recall, as well as workshops focused on specific mental disorders. A published academic author, Dr. Mullen is a philosophy graduate of California Institute of Integral Studies; his disciplines include contemporary behavior, modified psychobiography, and method psychology. Mullen is a firm advocate of the Wellness Model of mental healthcare, disputing the effectiveness of the etiology-driven disease or medical model. READ MORE