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“I have never encountered such an efficient professional … His

work transpires dedication, care, and love for what he does.”

Dr. Joseh Garcia, Composer “Consciousness.”



Architect of Rechanneling Inc’s cognitive-behavioral restructuring (CBR), Dr. Mullen lived with social anxiety disorder for many years before realizing he could attribute his behaviors to a cause. That discovery led to extensive research into SAD and other personality disorders. The one-size-fits-all strategy of cognitive-behavioral therapy is inadequate to deal with today’s higher complexity-consciousness, We prefer a more practical approach in social anxiety groups and workshops, integrating positive psychology’s optimal functioning with CBT’s behavior modification, neural restructuring, exposure, and a program called healthy philautia which focuses on revitalizing positive self-qualities.

A former teacher of method acting, Dr. Mullen found Stanislavski’s emotional retrieval and retention an asset to many recovery programs. His most recent published work, Abstractions of Intent: How a Psychobiography Grapples with the Fluidity of Truth is in C-E. Mayer, Z. Kovary (Eds.) New Trends in Psychobiography from Springer Nature, Switzerland. The publishers have scheduled two new books with Chapters for Spring release. Dr. Mullen has served as a speaker, workshop facilitator, or producer for corporate and nonprofit events for 25 years. 

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Cognitive-behavioral therapy’s thought and behavior modification cannot thoroughly address the complexities of your personality; no plan is capable of that. Despite broadening criticism, CBT is still useful in treating the unhealthy information you’ve been feeding your brain. The program is far better utilized, however, as the foundational platform for a more expansive approach incorporating positive psychology and other supported strategies, which widen the scope and perspective of your whole condition― body, mind, emotions, and spirit. We want you to regain the positive self-qualities that got lost amidst the cynicism and disillusionment of life. I want to work with you to help change your irrational thoughts and behaviors into positive reflections of the person you were created to be. Irrational means anything that works against your happiness and better interests. I’ve have worked with groups, facilitated workshops, and groups, but I especially enjoy working with individuals, because I get to experience your transformation.

 “I am simply in awe at the writing, your insights, your deep knowing of transcendence,

your intuitive understanding of psychic-physical pain, your connection of the pain to healing

and above all, your innate compassion for those you speak of.” 

Janice Parker, Ph.D.

INDIVIDUAL. Whether you have a diagnostic illness (social anxiety disorder, major depressive episode, etc.) or you’re unmotivated, self-defeating, anxious, or depressed, you’re still mentally and emotionally impacted. We need to change your patterns of thought and behavior and restructure your neural system―the one which you’ve been feeding unhealthy material. Your neurotransmitters are structured on reciprocity. They reflect what you provided and neuro-transmit it back to you in those chemicals that keep you alive and well.  

We structure recovery around your unique personality and issues. You may want to meet once a week, or you may want to face your problems head-on in a more intensive regimen. I have accompanied clients on business trips and to nightclubs to encourage and facilitate their transformation. Once we get you on the road to rediscovering the person you are designed to be, we don’t quit on you but stay with you for as long as you need us. I have established some of my most valuable friendships through this process. 

Dr. Mullen hits the nail on the head with ReChanneling. Charles Fillmore, co-founder of the

Unity Movement said, ‘Every thought clothes itself in a life form according to the character

of the thinker. The form is simply the correlation of the thought.’ ReChanneling gives us a

 clear  method of changing the clothes a particular thought is weaving.

Reverend Richard Carlini, Unity Ministries

CORPORATE. Dr. Mullen is an academic and motivational speaker who can headline or support your corporate event. For significant corporate events with multiple workshops and seminars, we have an extensive list of professionals and organizations that specialize in workshops and corporate training, which would be sub-contracted based on your strategy and objective. Contact us at rechanneling@yahoo.com with your RFI. If you are just in the early development stage, Dr. Mullen has experience as a facilitator and as event producer for small nonprofit and community organizations to the Bunnings Group of Australia. 

NONPROFIT. Dr. Mullen has worked with nonprofits groups for the physically and developmentally disabled, AIDS, the arts, and religious and community organizations either as a facilitator, organizer, or event producer. He has served on the boards of three nonprofit organizations. He was head operations for two live production theatres and owned a talent development and booking agency for seven years. “I have a soft spot for nonprofit groups and understand how they function. It’s challenging, especially for newer nonprofits who are under enormous financial constraints.

ReChanneling Personal Development (RPD)

Motivational Seminars

RPD is a one to five-hour or weekend seminar that focuses on the behaviors and habits detrimental to an individual’s quality of life. ReChanneling provides the blueprint for members of the workforce to rediscover the inherent capacity to live up to their potential. By recognizing and addressing the negative impact of irrational thoughts and behaviors on their positive self-qualities, they rediscover the strengths of their character and accept their value and significance to themselves, families, and careers.

My unique perspective comes from teaching Stanislavski’s system of emotional retrieval and retention and living thirty years unaware I had social anxiety disorder. Once I discovered it, I researched recovery programs and selected the best of each to take care of the problem. I turned my life around, earned my doctorate in behavioral philosophy, and began to publish, speak, and develop a program expressly designed to address the daily emotional and mental malfunctions that affect our quality of life and productivity.


Strategy and objective come from the recognition of our inherent capacity to live up to our potential. Stuff gets in the way, impeding our development. We are overwhelmed by life, especially in our pathogenic and pessimistic environment of global crisis, insecurity, disorientation, and disruptive technological changes in artificial intelligence, automation, and hyper-connectivity. Extraordinary times bring daily urgencies of now that call for exceptional people, and we all have the inherent potential to be extraordinary, and we need to be reminded of that. 


Thank you for helping Pebble Beach Company to provide such an excellent seminar on ADA.

Debra S. Heiber, The Pebble Beach Resorts.


Your team was well organized and professional.

Karlie Cook, Arkansas State University.


I am truly impressed with the results of all your efforts on my behalf.

Richard Lane, The Academy of the Sword


Working with Xedra Productions is a win-win partnership

which produced positive results for all those involved.


Sharon Hoery,Sharon Hoery & Associates, Inc.