Seminars, Practicums, Group, Workshops

ReChanneling works within a Wellness Model of ‘mental’ health. Rather than obsessing on disease, denigration, and deficits, wellness models focus on your character strengths and virtues that generate the motivation and persistence/perseverance towards recovery. The focus of the disease or medical model is on the problem. The wellness model emphasizes here-and-now solutions to alleviate the symptoms that affect your emotional wellbeing and quality of life.      

We specialize in working closely with individuals through a customized, long-term program, designed for the complexity of that person’s personality.   We believe one-size-fits-all programs are archaic and ineffective. Personal recovery is an individual process. Just as there is no one right way to do or experience recovery, so also what helps us at one time in your life may not help us at another. Any analysis must consider an individual’s environment, hermeneutics, history, and autobiography in conjunction with their wants, beliefs, and aspirations. Otherwise, the personality complexity is not valued, and the treatment inadequate. 

We also facilitate small Groups and Workshops that focus on particular or interrelated issues. Our goal is to find the best fit for clients to feel safe and comfortable, sharing personal experiences and issues. The commonality of the participants is what makes a Group or Workshop work effectively. We have found collaborative sessions addressing anxiety, depression, self-esteem, and motivation issues highly beneficial. We also focus sessions on specific disorders such as social anxiety. For each session, we incorporate multiple approaches, including cognitive-behavioral therapy, positive psychology, exposure therapy, and other traditional and non-traditional supportive programs. Groups and Workshops take on personalities of their own and must be addressed with customized integration of methods

If you are interested in forming or joining a Group or Workshop, contact us to open a dialogue of communication. 

We work with you to rechannel your negative self-beliefs and image to the positive and formidable self that is your universal entitlement. Together we work to restructure your neural network that years of irrational thoughts and behaviors have misaligned. ‘Irrational’ is anything that works against your happiness and best interests. It is not rational to hurt yourself. 

From small businesses, community organizations, and nonprofits to corporations. Dr. Mullen is an academic and motivational speaker who CAN headline or support your event through workshops, seminars, or interactive events. For significant corporate events with multiple programs, we have an extensive list of professionals and organizations specializing in corporate motivation and training. If you are a small organization or in the early development stage, we will work closely with you to facilitate your specific needs.

Your dysfunction or disorder has affected you since childhood. Recovery is a long-term process. However, you feel the change from day one, and that awareness increases exponentially as you proceed. Strategy and objective come from the reengagement of your intrinsic strengths and virtues and recognizing your inherent capacity to live up to your potential. Your disorder impacted your natural social development. Your current symptoms impact your emotional wellbeing and quality of life. You have become overwhelmed, especially in our environment of global crisis, insecurity, disorientation, and disruptive technological changes. Extraordinary times bring us daily urgencies of now that call for exceptional people. We all have the inherent potential to be extraordinary. 

We adhere to professional guidelines in organizing, designing, and facilitating any session. Our Workshops adhere to a strict, time-controlled environment; our Groups address the same issues and the same methods of recovery but at a pace subject to the comfort of the Group as a whole.  

We do not provide therapy; when warranted, we refer clients to a licensed counselor with experience in your particular issue. Our Groups and Workshops are practicums that eliminate or support the need for therapy. A practicum provides the blueprint and tools necessary to recover; you do the actual work. The difference between a practicum and therapy is our emphasis on self-reliance. Therapy denotes a dependency on your therapist while a practicum emphasizes your strength of self-determination and self-reliance. 

I am the master of my fate, I am the captain of my soul (Invictus.)