Empowerment, wellbeing, and appreciation

for the intrinsic value and potential of humankind. 

ReChanneling is an approach to recovery from spiritual disorders through the reinvigoration of your positive self-qualities. A spiritual disorder is a mental or emotional complication that doesn’t rise to the level of physiological disease or psychopathy. It’s anything that impacts your quality of life, including anxiety, depression, lack of motivation, loss of control, feelings of helplessness, hopelessness, and unworthiness.

ReChanneling rejects the one-size-fits-all stance of other approaches, utilizing the tenets of cognitive-behavioral therapy as the foundation of a platform incorporating positive psychology, plasticity, and other integral programs.

The weathering of life overwhelms us, especially the current pathogenic and pessimistic environment of global crisis, insecurity, disorientation, and disruptive technological change. Our positive self-qualities become subordinate to our negative thoughts and behaviors. 

Today’s higher complexity-consciousness calls for an approach that addresses a the complex nature of the entire Personality. 

Your self-qualities: self –esteem, -compassion, -love, -regard, -respect, -value, -worth, and other intrinsic attributes―are essential to your humanness. Their reinvigoration compensates the negative patterns of thought and behavior that cause our spiritual disorder. 

The insularity of cognitive-behavioral therapy, positive psychology, and other approaches won’t address the complexities of your personality. CBT’s thought and behavior modification and positive psychology’s optimal functioning are useful components of a broader strategy incorporating other approaches to widen the scope and perspective of the entire individual.

Personality is the aggregate of everything and anything that happens to you in your lifetime. It is your mind, body, spirit and emotions working in concert. It is not only your way of thinking, feeling, and behaving, but how you internalize it and express it. 

PP2-O. Second wave positive psychology recognizes that we must address our negative aspects to reawaken and develop our positive state. Positive psychology focuses on virtues and strengths that help individuals not only transform but also flourish. Positive psychology emphasizes the positive while helping you manage and process the negative to increase wellbeing.

CBT. Cognitive theory assumes that your Spiritual Disorder is a consequence of negative or irrational thinking and behavior caused by your ingrained reactions to situations and conditions. Your unconscious self-devaluation is because your negative patterns have overwhelmed your self-esteem. CBT addresses the restructuring of your brain―the physical rerouting of your neural network―by disputing these irrational thoughts and beliefs and substituting rational ones in their place until they become automatic and permanent replacements. The behavioral component of CBT involves activities that substantiate and reinforce this process.

Neural Restructuring. Science confirms our neural pathways are continually realigning. Our brains don’t think or analyze; they’re organic reciprocators. The negative patterns of thought and behavior that you feed your brain are neuro-transmitted back to you in the chemicals and hormones that keep you functioning. It’s an unhealthy cycle that affects your entire outlook on life. A conscious input of healthy thought patterns reverses the trend. As your brain keeps reciprocating your positivity, the neural network restructures itself to its healthy structure, dramatically altering your outlook on life. It doesn’t happen overnight, however, which is why we begin the process on day one of your recovery. 

Healthy philautia. In contemporary philosophy, healthy philautia is the custodian of your positive self-qualities. In psychological terms, healthy philautia focuses entirely on reinvigorating the self-qualities that you have overwhelmed with negative patterns of thought and behavior. A principle tenet of healthy philautia and positive psychology is self-actualization, which is satisfaction in living up to your potential. 

Retrieval and Retention. You repress certain feelings and thoughts unacceptable to the conscious mind from entering it, some so deep and dark, you hide them from yourself. You store them in the archives of your memory. You want to address the emotion felt in those repressed memories. The difficulty is recapturing an emotion that once flashed by like a meteor. Stanislavski developed a method for retrieving these emotions so that you control them, rather than allowing them to control you. 


Any reasonable approach must address your entire Personality. A program is never static but develops through client trust, cultural assimilation, and therapeutic innovation. Your cultural environment heritage, your background, and associations reflect your wants, choices, and aspirations. If they are not given value, then you are not valued. ReChanneling wants you to redirect your negative, self-defeating perspectives into a celebration of your significance and potential.