PP Malfunctions

What is a Psychophysiological Malfunction? Some label their problem an emotional issue, others a spiritual disorder. Those terms are okay, but they do not paint the whole picture. The word neurosis was abandoned by DSM-III in 1980.What used to be called a neurosis was defined as “a relatively minor mental illness …


ReChanneling Inc

ReChanneling Inc. is a nonprofit public benefit corporation dedicated to the alleviation of mental complications that interfere with a person’s emotional well-being.  Our programs target Social Anxiety Disorder, depression, other anxiety disorders, and issues of motivation and self-esteem.

Social Anxiety Disorder

Social anxiety disorder (SAD) is a psychophysiological malfunction (PPM) that, like other personality disorders, can lay dormant for years before materializing. Onset most likely occurs during adolescence, and SAD lingers in the system for years or decades before fully asserting itself.

One-Size-Fits-All Recovery Programs

Personal recovery is an individual process. Just as there is no one right way to do or experience recovery, so also what helps us at one time in our life may not help us at another. One-size-fits-all approaches are inadequate to address the dynamic complexity of the individual personality. Recovery programs must be fluid, integrating multiple traditional and non-traditional approaches developed through client trust, cultural assimilation, and therapeutic innovation. 

Restructuring Our Neural Network

Neural restructuring is the deliberate scientific modification of our brain’s neural pathways. Science confirms our neural pathways are  continually realigning.

We have been feeding our brain irrational      thoughts and concepts since the onset of our psychophysiological malfunction (neurosis). What is irrational? Anything detrimental to our emotional wellbeing and quality of life. Simply put, it is irrational to hurt ourselves.  


In contemporary philosophy, healthy philautia is the custodian of positive self-qualities (self –esteem, -compassion, -love, -regard, -respect, -value, -worth, and other wholesome intrinsic commodities).

In psychological terms, philautia is supported by positive psychology and other behavioral modifiers as a method to overcome or replace maladaptive self-beliefs common to many personality disorders. 

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If you have social anxiety disorder or some form of depression, or it’s hard to motivate yourself, and you lack self-confidence or self-esteem―it’s not your fault. Research shows that the onset of most mental illness happens to adolescents who have experienced detachment, exploitation, and or neglect, whether the cause be hereditary, environmental, or the result of some traumatic event. Technically, anything that interferes with a child’s social development is detrimental to adult emotional health. You were infected during adolescence and the symptoms lay dormant until they manifested when you became an adult. In any case, it’s not your fault, so don’t beat yourself up about it.  Just fix it.                                                                         

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“LGBTQ Social Anxiety Group” SF.






Robert F.Mullen, Ph.D.

Dr. Mullen’s publications have been accessed in over 43 countries. His contribution to New Trends in Psychobiography (Springer 2019) outlines and clarifies both qualitative and quantitative methods of analysis and their interactive objective and subjective contributions. Discussed are case studies, interviews, the narrative and historical, hermeneutic circle, and the management and pitfalls of interpretation. At institution, he assisted in the development and production of papers, theses, and dissertations.

I am simply in awe at the writing, your insights, your deep knowing of transcend -ence, your intuitive understanding of psychic-physical pain, your connection of the pain to healing … and above all your innate compassion for those you speak of..                                            Janice Parker Ph.D.

   You’ll find a brief bio of Dr. Mullen   


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